Exercise on a ketogenic diet

Exercise on a ketogenic diet

At the beginning of the ketogenic diet, you will notice that your energy is lower than usual. That’s because you transition to a new fuel (ketones). All you need to do is to drink enough water, replenish electrolytes, and eat sufficient fat.

Exercise is a wellbeing tool before being a weight-loss tool. Physical activity makes most people feel better by only getting a moderate amount of training.

Reasons to Exercise

  • Lose weight (body fat)
  • Get in shape
  • Stay healthy
  • Look good and feel good
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Build muscle

A 2014 study tested off-road cyclists to determine the long-term effects of the ketogenic diet on performance and exercise metabolism. They noticed favorable changes in body mass and body composition.

Numerous studies have shown that keto-adapted athletes performed better on a low carb diet and lost a significant amount of body fat.

Several recent studies have shown that CrossFit athletes can still perform well on a low carb diet while improving the body composition.

One study found that after six weeks on a ketogenic diet, men and woman athletes significantly decreased body fat mass (-6.2 pounds), maintained muscle mass, and improved overall performance.