What Happens To The Body

What Happens To The Body

Your body is used to burn glucose for energy. When you drastically cut the carbohydrate intake, your body is confused and has to learn how to use fatty acids for energy.

When your body has to deal with the empty glucose stores, it has to create a new pack of enzymes. Adapting to the low carb lifestyle and switching from running on carbohydrates to using fat as the new fuel can take a few weeks.

Have patience to truly keto-adapt and remember all the health benefits you will experience. Once a person is adapted to this lifestlyle, the body tends to balance out and regulate all the biological processes.

Have you ever tried a low carb diet and felt sick in the first days? A part of the transitioning to relying on fat includes some symptoms like headaches, dizziness, nausea and feeling light-headed.

Most of the time all these symptoms suggest a lack of electrolytes, due to the diuretic effect. Along with the increased excretion of water, you also lose minerals faster. Stay hydrated and keep an eye on the sodium intake.

Salt – is the answer to beating the “keto-flu”. Use sodium as much as possible as it will help with water retention and with the keeping the electrolytes at a healthy level.